The Cloister: How the Pink Sisters Live a Life of Freedom

What is it with nuns in pink that people flock to their convents? Is it the fact that they are constantly seen kneeling in front of the Blessed Sacrament that people think that if they pray for one’s petitions, these would be immediately heard by God? Do the grills and enclosure make them holier? Indeed, when I decided to interview the Vocations Directress of the Pink Sisters of New Manila, I was honestly quite nervous because I’ve never met a Pink Sister. I’ve met Poor Clares as well as Carmelite nuns (also enclosed orders) but I’ve never had a close encounter with the nuns in pink.

Last week, I had a long conversation with the Vocation Directress of the Pink Sisters to know more about their congregation. When I arrived at the St. Joseph’s Chapel for Perpetual Adoration along Doña Hemady road in New Manila, I felt quite jittery because I wanted to know a lot of things about the lives of the nuns in pink but I didn’t quite know how I could converse with a nun behind a grill or what kind of questions I am allowed to ask such a holy woman. I might scandalize her with my many inquiries!

Mass cards for baptisms, first Holy Communion, Confirmation, birthdays, deaths and special occasions are affordably available at the parlor.

Mass cards for baptisms, first Holy Communion, Confirmation, birthdays, deaths and special occasions are affordably available at the parlor.

I was led to wooden door at the back of the convent where I had to press the buzzer and wait for a sister to open the small opening for us to converse. When I informed the sister I was meeting the Vocation Directress, I was then led to an electronically-locked parlor where the first thing one notices are the grills that separate the visitors from the sisters. I felt like I was being transported to a different era.

The nuns during noon time prayers on a First Saturday

The nuns during noon time prayers on a First Saturday

The silence inside the parlor was deafening and all I could hear were faint footsteps outside and none from the cloister. The portraits of St. Arnold Janssen, the founder of the Divine Word missionaries family as well as the co-foundress Mother Maria Michaele, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus at the very center of the room give the impression that one is indeed in the presence of holiness. Finally, the amiable sister arrived and our conversation began.

Why Pink?

Formally known as the Sister Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration, ordinary folk would rather call them by the color of their distinctive habit rather than their kilometric, formal name. The “Pink Sisters” wear a rose-colored habit because according to the Vocation Directress, “pink is the color of love and joy. It is the color also of the Holy Spirit who is the God of Love.” Originally, the order was to wear a red-colored habit but the sisters themselves found it too blaring.

Afternoon prayers on the feast of the Pentecost, the sisters' own feast day

Afternoon prayers on the feast of the Pentecost, the sisters’ own feast day

The soft, feminine color of pink that they don represents the radiance that comes forth from their union with Christ. “We are joyful because we always in the presence of Jesus.” The Vocation Directress told me that within the walls, they also do the same tasks the rest of humanity is engaged in.

“Many of our tasks are similar to the rest of humanity: housecleaning, washing, ironing, cooking, sewing, answering doorbells and telephones, caring for our sick members. The flow of work is interspersed with recreation,” she said.

The Exultet during the Easter Vigil of 2014

The Exultet during the Easter Vigil of 2014

This is very radical in the standards of the world. Secularism sees this as a veiled form of escape from the demands of the modern age and a pathetic, boring life. Many young people today find it creepy surrendering one’s self into the enclosure of the cloister when one can be very rarely seen by people. In this day and age of Ipod, Facebook, Twitter and whatnot, a life in seclusion, a life of routine and essentially, a life of surrender, isn’t attractive at all.

But routine has an important and special part in the lives of the sisters. They maintain that all of what they do is centered only on One Person, the source of all the joy and radiance their habit, and ideally, their very lives, proclaims: Jesus Christ.

“Every fifteen minutes, a clock chimes and all the sisters have to stop whatever they’re doing and pray the Quarter Hour prayer. Our days start with the Mass and we pray the Liturgy of the Hours,” she said. According to her, this is their way of constantly and consistently reminding themselves to offer whatever they do, think or say to God, the Source of Life, Peace, Hope and Joy.

Here in New Manila, the Pink Sisters' convent offers peace, solace and solemnity to a community that is increasingly becoming crowded and noisy

Here in New Manila, the Pink Sisters’ convent offers peace, solace and solemnity to a community that is increasingly becoming crowded and noisy

The Sisters and the Philippines

The Philippines has had love-affair with contemplative sisters starting with the Real Monasterio de Santa Clara in Intramuros, Manila where the Poor Clares established, with Royal Patronage, their first cloistered monastery in the 17th century. Filipinos, therefore, have had a long affinity for contemplative nuns. Is it perhaps we are edified by the sight of virgins behind grills, their veils covering their faces and praying for us 24/7?

Upon the request of the Bishop of Lipa, Bishop Alfredo Verzosa, 10 pioneer sisters, 5 Germans and 5 Americans from Philadelphia, arrived in Manila in 1923. They were welcomed by the Blue Sisters or their sister order, the Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit, and with sisterly love, were allowed to stay for some time in the College of the Holy Spirit (formerly College of the Holy Ghost) in Mendiola, Manila. There, the Blue Sisters taught the Pink Sisters some practical things such as Philippine cuisine. Shortly after, in a convoy of 14 cars accompanied by the Manila Marian Ladies Congregation, the Pink Sisters finally arrived at their first convent in Lipa, Batangas on 25 November 1923.

“The entrance of the sisters into the convent in a grand procession with the Blessed Sacrament was said to have been a ‘Eucharistic triumph’,” said the Vocation Directress.

However, due to the warm conditions and the welfare of the sisters, the nuns soon found themselves in the cooler climate of Baguio. The sisters were able to recuperate there, and with the assistance of the Maryknoll Sisters, who, like the rest of the religious orders in the Philippines maintained estates in the country’s summer capital, the Pink Sisters were able to render perpetual adoration despite their small number. The Maryknoll sisters stayed in the chapel for adoration from 10:00 in the morning until 12:00 noon then returned at 2:00 PM and would stay until 5:00 PM.

Despite their humble beginnings, and rather late arrival in the Philippines, the Pink Sisters were wholeheartedly welcomed by the local Church and the rest of the Philippines. Today, the sisters have six convents in the Philippines, namely, Baguio, Manila, Cebu, Davao, Aklan and Tagaytay.

The New Manila Sisters

Ever since I was four years old, I’ve always wondered who the “Pink Sisters” were. This was because I attended a kindergarten run by Dominican nuns along 11th street in New Manila, just a few houses away from the Pink Sisters’ serene chapel-convent compound at the corner of 11th and Doña Hemady streets.

The sisters established their convent there in 1965 after the invitation of the Philippines’ first Filipino Cardinal, then Archbishop of Manila Rufino Cardinal Santos. The sisters purchased a beautiful plot of land in a quiet area outside the hustle and bustle of downtown Manila. Located in genteel New Manila, the sisters found themselves neighbors with Spanish-speaking households that included those of businessmen, professionals, artists, and politicians as well as many other religious institutes and orders who also found the area appealing for its quiet peace.

The Contemplative Life’s Invitation for the 21st Century

However, unlike before, things have greatly changed.

“There are barely new vocations,” the Vocations Directress honestly admitted.

“There is just too much secularism and materialism in our world. There is so much noise,” she continued.

Indeed, after Vatican II, the Catholic Church has seen a constant, and not to mention, dramatic downfall in vocations into the religious life. Today, in the age of massive information exchange through the aid of the powerful Internet, people, and in particular, the young, have been susceptible to the feeling of powerlessness against the trends set upon them by society and the Media. The values of the world are daily propelled by the countless TV shows seen by the millions and it seems an inclination to the religious life, more so, the contemplative life, is simply impossible.

But ironically, the Directress echoes the call of the late Pope John Paul II: there is a need for prayer.

“God has a dream for each one of us. God has called each one,” the sister said in our interview.

“I invite the young to discern, to take time to listen to Him through the Eucharist and the Sacraments especially the rich Sacrament of Reconciliation,” she said.

“It is the grace of God that opens us more to greater freedom here within the walls of our cloister. Through our correspondences, and through the prayer requests people write to us, we come closer to the sufferings, wants and needs of countless human hearts. Here inside the enclosure, we become open to the realities of human life. We then pray for them, in constant adoration of the Eucharist. We pray always too for the sanctification of priests. We fast for the clergy.”

Women who seek entrance into the Pink Sisters are first asked if they have an inclination to the contemplative life. This is because the cloister is not an escape or refuge from the real world,

“If she (the applicant) says that she is entering because she is not happy outside, more likely than not, we will not accept her. If you aren’t happy outside, who can be sure that you will be happy inside?” the sister explained.

“But if she says that she is happy outside but there is some degree of emptiness, then there might be a vocation.”

The cloister of the Pink Sisters is not an escape as they are “missionary contemplatives”. Many of the sisters transfer convents after Perpetual Profession. In fact, many Filipina Pink Sisters are found in all the Pink Sisters convents outside the Philippines. The community in Africa is composed entirely of Filipina sisters while the houses in Europe, which is seeing a negative growth in vocations, are being assisted by Filipina Pink Sisters as well.

“The roles have reversed. It was the German Sisters who brought the order here. Now we are the ones keeping it alive there.”

For them, the life in the cloister, which is silent and simple, enables them to open themselves more freely to the call of the Holy Spirit. The sisters also have more time to be with Christ, to whom they are espoused after saying their Perpetual Vows. Every 30 minutes, sisters take turns in adoring the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel in vigil. Jesus is never left alone 24 hours, 7 days a week.

With the 26 sisters in New Manila, which is the Pink Sisters’ only house of formation (in years past, all convents were houses of formation), the residents of Metro Manila find solace that there are courageous women they could come to for prayers and guidance.

“All we do is in union with Christ. He is the source of our joy.”

An honest, frank and confident answer from a woman who had forsaken the world end entered a world behind grills. Sleeping in cells, and only getting-by through donations and Mass Card offerings, the Pink Sisters continue their humble but noble and holy work in the warm embrace of Christ. The story of the sisters has always been that of grace and despite the fall in numbers, they continue to sustain their lives through generous hearts and open minds.

In this day and age when we claim to be more “open-minded”, we also constantly confess of the lingering sense of shallowness and emptiness that terrorizes our lives. The headphones that constantly blast music into our ears, the television that keeps our eyes glued on whatever is shown, the mobile phones and gadgets that attract our fingers, and our bodies always clothed with whatever is in vogue as dictated by the media, directly points to the loss of freedom. We have been enslaved by the secular, money-driven world and thus, it has hindered us from reaching our full potential.

We fail to see that perhaps there is Someone greater than the careers we build, the bodies we maintain and the material wealth we try to accumulate. The young of today in particular need to relearn the practice of prayer and the great importance of silence, things that can be found in the sanctuary that is the Pink Sisters’ adoration convent. I highly suggest that we all pause and take some time out, and by paying the sisters’ convent a visit, open ourselves to the greater call of authentic joy and interior life. Maybe we could also use a little bit of pink in our lives.

For women who are interested in asking about the religious life within the Pink Sisters congregation, you may visit the St. Joseph’s Perpetual Adoration Chapel along Doña Hemady Road, Corner 11th Street, New Manila, Quezon City. Beautifully sung Masses are said daily at 6:00 AM while Sunday Masses are celebrated at 7:00 AM and 5:30 PM.

*Archival photos and clippings are properties of the Sisters.


About hechoayer

Things made yesterday still influence us until today. Things made today will influence us tomorrow. Things of the essence such as faith, culture, food, music and values should never disappear nor eroded by the times. Instead, these must be recorded, lived and shared. Something made yesterday - hecho ayer - can be tomorrow's saving grace. Never ignore the past.
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53 Responses to The Cloister: How the Pink Sisters Live a Life of Freedom

  1. Ohhh so that’s why it’s PINK. Nice read! Will definitely ask my mom to read this, and bookmark this blog to her browser.

  2. spitster0877 says:

    Something about their enduring presence makes this as an interesting read…Will share this…

  3. how can one possibly join a retreat with the pink sisters just to experience the gift of silence even just for a week? can i possibly ask about their contact or email details?

    • hechoayer says:

      Hi dear,

      The sisters are contemplative. Thus, they do not have computers. You may visit and directly inquire with them at their convent along Doña Magdalena Hemady road in New Manila cor. 11th street.

      Have a blessed weekend!

  4. Frances Jardin Arcega says:

    We’ve been hearing mass in Hemady w the Pink Sisters together w my daughters but we want to know if there need to have an offer like eggs when you go to a certain convent if you wish to give your petitions.

  5. Frances Jardin Arcega says:

    Last year was a very hard days for me struggling on some problems about my teen age daughter but I prayed hard in the pink Sister’s convent w my 9 year old youngest daughter then our prayers were answered, she miraculously changed and that I am thankful for the favors received from Him.

  6. kris says:

    can u give some directions how to get there? I am from valenzuela….. thanks

    • hechoayer says:

      Hi Kris! From Aurora Boulevard westward, take a right at Doña Hemady road. Just go straight. The nuns’ convent is at the left side of the road. Doña Hemady is one-way traffic.

  7. Hello Hecho Ayer. I’m glad that I discovered your post about the Pink Sisters. It is a great resource for the blog post that I made about them.

    I enjoyed reading your post. Good for you that you interviewed such a holy woman. I agree with the many things that you said here. The world had bombarded each and every one of us with music and images that distracts our attention away from God. We sacrificed the eternal for the pleasures offered by this world.

    Thank you once again for a good write-up. God bless.

  8. maricarl lomboy says:

    hello, i am maricar from intramuros, manila, i’m only 16, is it possible to be a pink sister at this age?

  9. cj patriot says:

    gud eve.,sister ,im kathy guzman ,a simple women living in the taguig were a lot of people was cruel to me..i really need your support and help..i dont want to die for nothing..pls visit me sister. before anything will happen to me.tnx!

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  11. i wanted to be a Nun… and i am interested in Pink Sisters…. thank you for the infos.. hope someday my wish will come true.. my heart is longing to be inside the convent and serve God.

  12. how can one get inside the Pink sisters and be a pink sisters someday?

  13. Reyna ivy says:

    Does anybody here wants to have 2 weeks observation with pink sister? Just looking for a companion, who have the same calling! It good right! I mean sharing life experiences, thoughts etc. While were in the same discerning period… ( email me at pwede ka magtagalog kc pilipina naman ako eh! Out of the country lang… Anyways! Hope to hear from you! God bless;-D

  14. Joseph says:

    We hear mass (not regularly though) at the Pink Sisters’ convent in Catalunan Grande, Davao City. This is way up in the hills of the city’s Bangkal district (at least during my time, Catalunan Grande was considered part of Bangkal). The Marfori-Soriano family donated the plot of land on which their convent stands, as well as the area where the SVD seminary is located.

  15. Joseph says:

    We go to mass at the Pink Sisters’ convent (we’re not regulars there, though) in Catalunan Grande, Davao City. This is way up in the hills of the city’s Bangkal district (at least during my time, Catalunan Grande was considered part of Bangkal). The Marfori-Soriano family donated the plot of land on which their convent stands, as well as the area where the SVD seminary is located.

  16. Bill and Carol says:


    Updated Prayer Request!


    Thank you for praying!

    3PM”HOUR OF MERCY.”..2014! Oh God, Our Broken &
    Exhausted Hearts Continue to Cry out to You Day &
    Night for Your Mercy & Peace Now & in the Days ahead..
    & through out 2014? Please continue to pray with us
    daily for God’s Mercy & Peace!URGENT! Pass on to the
    Nuns,Sisters,Monasteries,Parishes,Prayer Groups,Prayer
    Chains,Churches and others you know of in the
    Worldwide Community of Prayer?URGENT!! Thank you for
    praying, Bill&Carol.

    PS.On a personal note:URGENT! We are facing financial
    ruin!We have tried everything to stay afloat!And being
    well pass 60+there is little chance of real employment
    and our health limits us to what we can do? So if God
    wants us to go on living? WE NEED A MIRACLE NOW!!!

  17. bogie gonzaga says:

    My mother regularly sends donation to Baguio. Wonder if the sisters have a bank account we could send directly. Rather than postal money order. Thanks

    • dex says:

      Hi Bogie, would appreciate if you already know how to conveniently send donations to Pink Sisters, specifically Davao. Thanks.

  18. Eva says:

    Hello po,

    Pwede po mgpatulong ng prayer sa mga pink sisters sa pamangkin ko si Yumi Espayos kasi my cancer po sya s edad na 9 lng. Dito kasi ako s abroad, lage ako ngsisimba jan nun nsa pinas pa ako kc ngdo dorm ako s SCPM jan s 8th st.

    Maraming salamat po.

  19. toni says:

    greetings! i am a fil-am divorced filipina 57 yrs old with 3 grown-up boys & 3 grand. yes you would consider me semi-retired – i m now living w/ my sister. my boys now married have their own lives cept for 1 (youngest) w/ auntie (father’s side) in my solitude i always think of how i can be pleasing God, the only prayer i know pleasing to Him is thru the mysteries of the Holy Rosary-thru Mary. In my younger years i love to read lives of saints and spend my time reading spiritual books to know more about my faith God how He has loved each one of us my love for people thru my simple prayers offered for mans intentions. in these last stages of my life, i m still in search, my purpose in this life, how can i still be of service to people all over. i wish i could grow more in love with this little faith (if you would call it) i have.. pls shed light to me..

  20. Maria Celeste Dahlia V. Velasco says:

    I am a widow and my 3 kids are all grown up and have lives of their own. I am semi retired and an artist in all sense of the word. I teach art. You name it I can teach it. I presently teach photography in a well known University. I live alone and entertaining the thought of living in the convent and devote my remaining life in the service of the Lord. I am not sick and praise God I don’t take any maintenance and have no existing health concern. God gave me many talent. I cook, I sew, I paint, I am a professional photographer, I type, I draw, I am an accountant, too. I can be of service in a lot of ways. Anyway, is there a chance for my dream to be realized? What are the requirements?

  21. Bill and Carol says:


    Wish the Entire Community a Bless and Peaceful New Year!

    Updated Prayer Request.

    Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son and Other(Severe Financial Misery,Health Issues and Other Losses and Deaths….)Ongoing Sorrows…

    Jan 1-6 Epiphany 2015…

    Dear Sisters & Community of Prayer,

    Thank you for praying with us daily in our long struggle to God’s Peace and Eternal Rest! Thank you for your patience in our pain and sorrows! AGAIN,THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!!!

    Our daily struggles to recovery is very slow made harder by the severe head winds of terrible circumstances! Please pray!!

    Please continue to pray( Jan.1-6,Epiphany & through out 2015..or as long as possible?)with us daily for God’s Healing and Protecting Peace in our Broken Hearts and Lives!Please pray for God’s Protection because of our broken hearts and financial hardship which makes us more vulnerable to predators!PRAY FOR GOD’S PROTECTING PEACE!!!

    Please if Possible?

    Can you pass Urgent Prayer Request on:Nuns,Sisters,Priests,Friars,Monks,Communities of Prayer,Prayer Groups,Prayer Chains and Others you know of in the Worldwide Community of Prayer?

    Meanwhile,We will continue to stay at our Post in Faith and Hope with the help of your daily prayers!

    In His Christmas Peace,

    Bill and Carol. usa

    PS. We will continue to keep all in our daily prayers as our broken and exhausted hearts cries out to God Day & Night for His Mercy & Peace!

  22. Bill and Carol says:

    Updated Prayer Request.

    Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son and Other( Severe financial misery,Health Issues and Other Losses and Deaths..)Ongoing Sorrows…


    Dear Sisters and Community of Prayer,

    Thank you for praying with us daily in our long struggle to God’s Peace and Hope! Thank you for your patience in our long endurance in the pain and misery brought on by terrible circumstances beyond our control!

    The circumstances in our lives have and is a great challenge to keep the faith and hope for so many years!Please pray!

    Despite everything we continue to hold on in faith with the help of your daily prayers!

    Please continue to pray(Jan,Feb,March,Easter and through out 2015 or as long as possible??)with us daily for God’s Healing and Protecting Peace! Bottom line is: PRAY FOR GOD’S PEACE!!!

    Please if Possible?

    Can you pass Urgent Prayer Request on:Sisters,Nuns,Friars,Priests,Prayer Groups,Prayer Chains and Others you know in the Worldwide Community of Prayer? Long Term?

    Meanwhile,We continue to stay at our Post in Faith and Hope with the help of your daily prayers!

    Thank you for your patience and daily prayers!

    In His Peace,

    Bill and Carol. usa

    PS. We will continue to keep you all in our daily prayers through out 2015 or as long as God’s Has us here on this earth?? Pray for Peace for us all! Have a bad feeling about 2015 and 2016 in the world?Terrible Events! Man made and Natural Disasters? Let us hope for the best,but prepare for the worse! PRAY FOR GOD’S PEACE!!!

  23. Karen says:

    Hi! Gusto ko pong mag madre what should i do? Saan po ako pupunta? I want to be part of pink sisters.

    • hechoayer says:

      Hi Karen. This is good of you to publicly express your feelings for the contemplative life. It’s best you go to the convent of the Sisters in Hemady.

  24. Gay Una Eileen Peters says:

    Request urgent prayers by the Pink Sisters to find alive our son-in-law Dennis Lee Thian Poh Malaysian trekker, missing in Annapurna, Nepal, since April 5th. (Long before the earthquake). We recently heard about you from a friend.Your urgent prayers are desperately needed to find him and to bring him home ALIVE. Please, please help.Our most sincere thanks.
    Gay Una Peters –

    • hechoayer says:

      Hi Gay, I am very sorry to hear of this worrisome state you and your loved ones are experiencing. I will endorse your petition to the sisters. May God Almighty help us find confidence in His peace and mercy.

  25. Ofelia oporto says:

    Pls txt me how will I reach pink sisters and there mobile or landline number so I can inform them tht I will have my search In with them 09085737398 Ofelia oporto

  26. Cynthia Villamor says:

    Good evening, may i please have the schedules for retreat in October. Thank you.

  27. Chariza De Vera says:

    If I’m from sta.mesa, what wouldnbe the most convenient way to get there? Are there tricycles that will pass by the church? Thank you! 😉

    • hechoayer says:

      Hi Chariza! If you are commuting via public transport, you have these options: 1.) Take a jeep going towards Marikina and alight at Gilmore. Walk towards St. Paul, and behind this call center building, there would be tricycles there. Tell them to take you to the Pink Sisters. It should cost around 21 Pesos only. 2.) Take the LRT from J. Ruiz and alight at Gilmore, cross towards St. Paul, and follow the instructions above. If you are taking a private vehicle or a cab, the Pink Sisters’ convent is inside New Manila. It’s along Dona Hemady street, right before the corner of 11th street.

  28. dex says:

    How to send cash donation to Pink Sisters Davao?

  29. suzane says:

    Dear Sisters,

    Blessed good day to all!
    kung maaari po sana pakisama naman po sa mass and prayer ninyo ang mga OSY Test taker ng Abot Alam(ALS Marikina) sa kanilang pagsusulit tomorrow at 8;30 am -pm na gaganapin sa Concepcion Integrated Schools Marikina. kami po ay mga volunteer teachers Abot-Alam para sa mga kabataang naligaw ng landas, stop sa pag-aaral etc.etc. Sometimes hindi lang kami guro
    kundi social worker din. Project po ito ni Mar Roxas DepEd Marikina . Swertihan lang kung makapasa ang mga bata madalas bumabagsak sila sa Essay kahit tagalog. Maliit lang naman ang salary namin may konting allowance din.
    Pakisama din po sa prayer na harinawa masuwelduhan na kaming mga vol. since February -March wala pa rin kaming salary eh April na po. Laging ganun ang problema namin . Yung iba umalis na po at lumipat na ng ibang work. Last December 2015 ni singko wala kaming natanggap o sahod . Sabi baka by June pa raw kaso may mga anak po yung iba at yung
    nagpapadala naman sa province sa family nila. Sana naiisip nila yon na may pangangailangan din ang kapwa nila.
    Narito po pala yung hinihiling ko na ipray nyo (Test Takers tomrrow April 17)
    1. Ericka Heimsrath
    2. Joshua Nazareth
    3. Johnny Lapesan
    4. Flora Cortes
    . 5. Mary Ann Tuy
    6. Juancho Baguio
    7. Laurence Carino
    8. Niel Samson
    9. Aprilyn Dialico
    10. Ronnel Santos

    at ang iba pang test takers ng
    Abot Alam

    Hopefully marami sa kanila ang pumasa sa tulong, awa, biyaya ng Diyos at prayers ninyo,

    Thank you very much.
    Asking prayer,
    Maria Susana U. Cremen
    (Abot-Alam Facilitator)



  30. Hi sir, I am helping my aunt who is in Spain now, shes a widow. She wanted to join the convent actually there’s 2 convent that accepted her in Spain but until now she had not went in the convent maybe its a sign, during one of our conversation she is now thinking of going back to the Philippines she loves Tagaytay and Baguio.. do you happen to know if the Pink Sisters accepts widows?

    • hechoayer says:

      Hi Ms. Galang! Pax vobis. It will be best that you get in touch with the Sisters themselves. Their phone number is (+632) 7228828. Laudetur Iesus Christus.

  31. Thank you for this article! Am 27 and discerning religious life. I live in New Manila actually! But I have only attended Mass with them a handful of times. I did not know that the Hemady convent was the formation house! Will try talking to the vocation directress. Thanks! 🙂

    • hechoayer says:

      Hi marythedefender. You should pay them a visit. Actually, if you live in New Manila then you will have the good fortune of exploring a myriad of religious houses as you discern which charism you are most attracted to. In Gilmore, there’s also the contemplative order of Discalced Carmelites. You may want to pay them a visit too, the Carmelites having a more ancient tradition.

  32. Joan Mae R. Dela Peña says:

    I would like to be a nun. I’ve discerned that this vocation is for me! I’ve wandered away from the Blessed Virgin Mary and Her Beloved Son Jesus but despite of that, I could feel something which draws me back to them.. I don’t know if it is just my imagination or it is really the internal voice which fires up this desire to be a poor servant of God. I wanted to change my life, I wanna get away with this sinful surrounding which pulls me to sin. I wanna serve God for a lifetime. I wanted to be a cloistered nun and being a pink sister is the way to be cloistered.. I am a 3rd college elementary education student from Catbalogan City, Samar. I would like know how to become one of you. I am Joan Mae Dela Peña. Your answer would be appreciated.

    • hechoayer says:

      Hi Joan. This is not the blog of the Pink Sisters. You may search on Google how you can reach them to write them how you can speak with their Vocation Directress.

  33. pilar f. fontelar says:

    I thank God for making the information on cloistered life known thru this social media. You are His instrument for leading people find their way to God. pilar

  34. Lidia says:

    Can I ask the Pink Sisters to Please pray for my daughter Tina who made a big mistake that will change her life. She drove after having a drink and now has to go to court. I pray that the judge has mercy on her and give her a second chance. May Jesus hold her on palm of his hands at this did difficult time. She is so remorseful and I am overwhelmed. May Jesus be with her and may judge and lawyers have mercy. She’s a good soul. She is so scared. Wishes she could have changed that night. I as a mother cannot fix it for her. I am asking the Blessed Mother to intercede for me. Be her guardian from heaven. I am sorry if I was not to post prayers requests.

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