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One of the Lost Arts: Collecting Stampitas, Novenas and Religious Images

Like any other art, the use and collection of stampitas and novenas demand commitment, constancy and even, skill. One of my personal hobbies that can be and is surely considered by a lot of modern-day people as the “oddest” would … Continue reading

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The Angels of the Lord: Revisiting the Ateneo Grade School Fair

Earlier today, Paolo, Nicole and I (Kid followed) visited the Ateneo de Manila Grade School fair, an annual fiesta in honor of the Holy Guardian Angels. The last time I went to the grade school fair was when I myself … Continue reading

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Recycling Your Alimango: Spicy Adobo Crab Pasta

What do you do when you have left-over food in the refrigerator? Well, for a lot of “modern” families, one usual option is to throw these away. My family, however, and if I’m not mistaken, Filipino culture in general, frowns … Continue reading

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Have a Break and Celebrate: Cine Europa 2010

Come on guys! Wake up from your Hollywood daze and open your eyes to the beauty and power of real cinema. What I personally like about European films are their abilities to pinch you and move you to feel and … Continue reading

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A “Joint” Birthday Party at Manila Polo Club’s Last Chukker

I don’t know how to call a twin’s birthday party. Is it a “twin” party or a “joint” party? In any case, last Friday, a holiday in the Philippines, close friends of the two lovable Tantoco twins gathered at the … Continue reading

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A Gem in Manila: Santa Ana Church and its Camarín de la Virgen

In 1578, the Franciscan friars established the first mission church outside the protection of Intramuros. It was named Sta. Ana in an effort to place under the patronage of Mary’s mother a former Tagalog kingdom settled in that area near … Continue reading

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Favorite Filipino Names

Now, I don’t want to preempt anything but if ever I would have children, I have my own set of preferred names for them. Lately, I’ve been hearing “odd” names being given to Filipino children, names, which do not, in … Continue reading

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Heritage and Philippine Tourism: Alienation, Exploitation or Integration?

Whenever I tour people around the historic capital of the Philippines, I couldn’t avoid but feel confused and overwhelmed by the many things we could do to improve the state of tourism in our capital, and likewise, in all the … Continue reading

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Because Mushrooms/Kabute Can Be DELICIOUS: Mushroom Lasagna Dish

After my senior immersion to an Aeta community in the mountains of Tarlac, I thought I would never eat mushrooms ever again. Although I sincerely appreciate the kindness and warmth I experienced from the Aetas there, I was simply adamant … Continue reading

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