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Under the Star-Spangled Banner: American Manila

When the Americans finally arrived in the Walled City after the consummation of the farce Battle of Manila, the Joes were utterly shocked by what they saw. Huge monasteries, hooded friars, monks in Mendiola, nuns who are completely hidden from … Continue reading

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Where Countless Calderetas and Cocidos Would’ve Been Made: Intramuros de Manila

The photos you will see below are the Filipino people’s only link to Intramuros’ beautiful architectural gems. These wonderful, old works of art were brutally destroyed, burned, and/or bombed by either the losing Japanese soldiers or the Americans supposed to … Continue reading

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Ciudad Insigne y Siempre Leal: Spain’s Manila (1571-1898)

When the Spaniards decided to put up the capital of their newly conquered territory in Manila, they did not commit an error, in their 333 years, Manila would serve as their symbolic and powerful capital in Asia. Complete with a … Continue reading

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Manila Before ¿Oye Como Va?: Pre-Spanish Manila

Before the Spaniards settled in Manila, the area had already been known to have settlements for Tagalogs (which was actually derived from “Taga Ilog”). According to different archeological studies, by the 10th century, there was already a flourishing settlement in … Continue reading

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Manila’s Edge: Its Geography

“Manila has the bay of Naples, the river of Paris, the canals of Amsterdam. If these advantages are properly developed, Manila can equal the world’s greatest cities.” If one looks at a map of the Philippines, one notices that Manila … Continue reading

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Manila, My Manila Series

The Philippines, just like any country, has only one capital, and that is the City of Manila. Although we sometimes get confused with “Manila” and “Metro Manila”, whatever happens to Manila (as in the City of Manila), we will all … Continue reading

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UST: Pride of Sampaloc, Pride of the Filipino People

Last Saturday, right after my 8:00 AM – 12:00 noon Immersion recollection at the Ateneo, Kid, Paolo, Marie Laure, her friend Chloé, and I made our way to Sampaloc, Manila to visit the oldest Western-type university in the whole of … Continue reading

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Flos Carmeli: Fiesta Mass in Honor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Ever since I was a child, the massive and cavernous national shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in nearby New Manila has always caught my interest and attention. Before it was heavily renovated in the late 90s, Masses in … Continue reading

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Les Choristes: Orphan Boys, Music and Hope

Fr. Nick gave us today a movie meant for “pure entertainment” for our European Films Class. There was no paper due for the film and he wanted us to simply watch and be entertained by the music. However, like any … Continue reading

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The Big-Haired Woman’s 81st

If there is one lady in these Islands who can command a presence despite her advanced age and her, well, ill-reputation, it would be none other than the Filipinos’ Madame, the Former First Lady Imelda Remedios Visitación Romuáldez Marcos.The Former … Continue reading

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