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My Adventures with Paella

Although the paella is one of the most laborious (and expensive) dishes I cook, it is also my favorite meal to create. A one-stop meal, it includes savory rice, seafood, vegetables and sometimes, meat. The socarrat or tutuong (burnt rice) … Continue reading

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Siem Reap and Singapore’s Shophouses: Undeniable Charm

An undisputed asset of any place is its architectural heritage. The variety or perhaps the uniformity of structures appeal to tourists and locals alike. Beauty seen in edifices come alive though when these buildings are still either used or in … Continue reading

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The Death of Metro Manila

Is Manila poor because it is ugly? Or is it ugly because it is poor? Is it poor? Is it ugly? Is it dead? Is it dying? Or does its chaos suggest it is a thriving, beautiful, and living metropolis? … Continue reading

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