What is “Hecho Ayer”?

Hecho ayer is Spanish for “made yesterday”.

This is a blog for those lasting and valuable things made yesterday. This blog celebrates life at its best, and things of the essence which have and should continue to be present and influential in our society today. This is a blog that celebrates the simple but time-tested values of our people and mourns the erosion of the quality of life that used to be identified with beauty, truth and sanctity.

This is a young man’s take on daily life by remembering and sharing the fruits of culture, history and heritage. This is his bodega or almacen of thoughts on food, music, heritage, art and life.

This is my blog on things made yesterday.


2 Responses to What is “Hecho Ayer”?

  1. John Verrinder says:


  2. Researcher says:

    Hi! I would like to know if we could use the photo of “Calle Real with the San Juan de Dios at the Left” found on this webpage: https://hechoayer.wordpress.com/2010/07/25/where-countless-cocidos-wouldve-been-made-intramuros/. The image will be reprinted in a textbook. Kindly email me your response at: bookdev_researcher@yahoo.com. Thank you!

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