Must-read: “Manila: A Memoir of Love and Loss”

Manila: A Memoir of Love and Loss

Manila: A Memoir of Love and Loss

Last Saturday, before hearing the evening anticipated Mass, my dear friend Mika sent me an SMS that went “Oye, vas a asistir a la Misa? Tengo EL LIBRO.”

Immediately, I replied “MUCHAS GRACIAS”.

The said book was Purita Echevarria de Gonzalez’ “Manila: A Memoir of Love and Loss”, a book I have long wanted to read. When I was in college, I bought a copy for myself but stupidly misplaced it. I still remember the stinging feeling of devastation when I realized I lost a jewel. When she told me she had a copy of the said book, I asked her if I could borrow it and voila!

Yesterday, I finished the book in 2 sittings. I wasn’t prepared for the heart-wrenching story the author laid-out so eloquently in just a few pages. I was imagining a virtual repeat of Carmen “Chitang” Guerrero-Nakpil’s “Myself, Elsewhere”.

But how could stories from that time be anything but a repeat?

They weren’t the same. Each Manileno who had to go through the “Liberation” had his own experience, view, mindset of the horrors of that time.

It is about time we immortalized those long-kept memories of a generation formed by peace, war and liberation. Their insights and memories, their opinions, why their very lives are witnesses to the lowest and highest points of human history.

About hechoayer

Things made yesterday still influence us until today. Things made today will influence us tomorrow. Things of the essence such as faith, culture, food, music and values should never disappear nor eroded by the times. Instead, these must be recorded, lived and shared. Something made yesterday - hecho ayer - can be tomorrow's saving grace. Never ignore the past.
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2 Responses to Must-read: “Manila: A Memoir of Love and Loss”

  1. Jeanette says:

    Is it available still or just a very rare occasion you friend Mika found it again? It’s sounds like a *must read* and I love this kind of books. Because they tend to tell about the real live.

  2. HENRY P MA says:

    Hello. I read this about 10 years ago, and I have been recommending it to everyone ever since. (Read my review on Amazon.) I’ve read it about three times since then, and it never fails to touch me. I was reminded of it because of a column by Randy David in today’s Inquirer (January 24, 2016). I recommended the book to him as well.

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