Plaza Roma

Con el monumento para el Ex Rey Carlos IV

PLAZA ROMA was formerly known as Plaza Mayor during the Spanish regime. It was also said to be the site of countless bull-fights that were, on the other hand, ridiculed by the peninsulares who thought that such games were petty and a far cry from those held in the Mother land. The statue of His Former Majesty King Carlos IV was installed in 1824 in thanksgiving for his benevolent gesture of sending the vaccine for the small pox for his far-off tropical colony, a colony, which will remain one of Spain’s last foreign territories.

During the American regime, Plaza Roma became known as Plaza McKinley. It was during this time that fire trees were planted in the small plaza and fish ponds with gold fish were made. It was the site of many religious and military processions, fires, dramas and lastly, a war.

Today, Plaza Roma holds its present name due to an accord signed by the City of Manila and well, you guessed it, the City of Rome. That’s why when you go to Rome, expect to find a Piazza Manila!


About hechoayer

Things made yesterday still influence us until today. Things made today will influence us tomorrow. Things of the essence such as faith, culture, food, music and values should never disappear nor eroded by the times. Instead, these must be recorded, lived and shared. Something made yesterday - hecho ayer - can be tomorrow's saving grace. Never ignore the past.
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